Appalachia, Laos, Stockton- My Life of Chasing Kids

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

“Believe! Art changes lives.”

Hazel was a woman that I will never forget. She made a difference in my life and encouraged me to return to college. I watered the garden for her through the summer of 1962. She gave me life and that’s what I give to others. A few years later I would be “Hazel” in my own way, chasing the Louthan boys through tobacco fields in Tennessee to get them to school. Now they proudly tell their kids and grandkids those stories, followed by “You’re gunna stay in school and get some learnin”. And they did get some “learnin”. While I was teaching them, they were teaching me important life lessons: Learn from others and bloom where you’re planted (especially if you paint daisies on your outhouse).

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